About us

About us

Established in 1999 in  BANIYAS of Al-Ain, Dar Al-Uloom Private School is one of the Bin-Ham Group Schools. Over the past years, the school has always sought ways to continuously improve upon the education that it provides by adopting updated policies. The school has expanded to include all stages from kindergarten to 12th grade. Following the Ministry of Education curriculum in the UAE, we are committed to the application of the principles of national identity in education and to build a generation loyal to its country and creative in its thought and skills.


Based on the identity and pride of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Dar Al-Uloom Private School has acquired its authentic Arab identity. It also stems from aspirations and deep faith in the Arab community of unity, which the school has instilled in its children generation after generation and urges the right Islamic commitment to all age groups.


A high-quality education, an interesting educational environment, and effective community participation, and a loyal creative generation.


Providing a high-quality education to build a generation committed to its religion, loyal to its country, creative in its thoughts and skills through an adequate educational system, well-qualified staff and effective community participation.


Our values are originated from our Arabic Islamic heritage and the UAE Identity (Integrity, honesty, transparency, compassion, accountability, and respect.


The school teaches the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to supporting some subjects with additional curricula such as English and computer

This decision was based on the following factors:

  • The Arabic identity of the school, which was adopted at the time of foundation.
  • It is the duty of the National and Educational School to support the national curricula of the UAE.
  • Almost, all of the school"s students are Arabs who will continue their studies within the UAE or in their home-countries whose curricula conform to the curricula of the United Arab Emirates.

School Premises

The school has about (55) classrooms which are assigned for boys, girls and kindergarten. The classrooms serve a full range of integrated school facilities including covered and open areas, playgrounds, multipurpose halls, scientific laboratories, and computers, libraries, learning resource rooms, clinics and mosques.

School Stages

The school offers the opportunity to study for all levels from kindergarten to the 12th grade in its general and advanced streams, in addition, sections for male and female students.

Website and Social Media

At the beginning of the year, the school"s website underwent a radical development. It was launched with a modern appearance, new links and titles, as well as the launch of an advanced program of communication between all the students, teachers, supervisors and parents in various educational affairs. The school tried to adopt this initiative long ago and proceeded by many similar trials. More information about the school can be found through its website and the application of a school where students can view the weekly plans in general on the school site or through the smart user to apply Phone, as the teacher can attach homework and educational videos and other files for students.