Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in the United Private School. We are committed to helping families make the best choice in the education for their children.

All students are accepted according to the seat availability and academic performance. We accept students for Placement Test throughout the year. However, we encourage parents to apply as early as possible in order to have the best chance of obtaining spaces for their child(ren).

In general, all students who can benefit from an American-based curriculum (Common Core State Standard – CCSS) are welcome to apply in our school

Required Documents
  1. Photocopy of passport – student with valid visa (expatriate)
  2. Photocopy of passport – father & mother with valid visa (expatriate)
  3. Photocopy of birth certificate
  4. Photocopy of vaccination card
  5. Health Insurance (Daman, Thiqa or others)
  6. 5 copies of ID picture
  7. Photocopy of Kholasat al Khaied (UAE Nationals only)
  8. Photocopy of Kholasat al Khaied for other nationalities whose mother is a UAE National
  9. Original transfer Certificate duly attested (for Grade 1 to 12)
  10. Photocopy of Report Card from Previous School (for Grade 1 to 12)
  11. Emirates ID Card
All overseas students are required to present ATTESTED COPIES from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their country and the UAE Embassy in Abu Dhabi the following documents:
  1. Report Card
  2. Transfer Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Vaccination Certificate
Payment Terms

Refer to our Fees and Collection Policy