Health and Safety School Enviroment

At the United School, the health and safety protection of the students, staffs, parents and the public are not only a priority but a fundamental value that we all set up in all our activities every day. We promote these safe practices in every area of the school’s premises and activities.

Our HSE policy clearly spells out principles, goals, roles and responsibilities.

Our school administration coordinates HSE aims and objectives in our school, involving all the staff, students and parents in each activity on promoting health and safety practices against corona virus.

The Health and Safety department, together with the Covid 19 Task Force monitor health, safety & environmental requirements while the UAE authorities carry out periodic inspections to ensure full HSE compliance on the new ADEK guidelines for reopening the schools in the Emirate. Training programs are very important to make a safer environment, enhance student, staff and parent’s awareness to promote health.

Since the beginning of covid 19, our school has zero infection of Covid19.

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